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I’m Melanie, an ambitious multipassionate who’s figuring out life, an INFJ and an HSP.
(Basically, I feel all the feels, pick up vibes like nobody’s business, and crave passion and purpose.)

I left my full-time job to pursue my dreams of living a laptop lifestyle, freelancing, and starting my own creative biz.

Imagine You is where I share my musings on life, being a creative/introvert, and chasing dreams.

I thrive on (good) change, so I can’t promise what kind of posts you’ll find here, but I tend to gravitate towards:

  • Inspirational stuff, because I’m all about that
  • Lots of self care and mental health tips and info, because we all need to talk about this more
  • Tips and tools on goals, finding focus, and productivity
  • Honest accounts of my creative journey – mistakes and all

I’m on a mission to start my own creative business – something I’ve wanted for years. I don’t know exactly what that looks like yet, but I know it’s something I HAVE to do.

I hang out on Instagram and Twitter these days, so please come and say “hi” πŸ™‚

Fun facts about me
  • Personality traits – I’m an outgoing introvert and a Sagittarius: travel dreaming is in my blood
  • Current obsession – listening to podcasts while I gym, do laundry, make food – everything!
  • Things that make me happy – My hubby and our β€œfur child”, Jinx. β€œMe time” – LOTS of it. Being creative. Coffee shops. Playing tourist at home. Binge-watching my favourite shows (counting down tillΒ This Is Us starts!)
  • Pet peeves – queues, fakeness, and being put in a “box”
  • Education – Digital Copywriting – Red & Yellow School of Advertising; Interior Decorating + Small Business Management – Intec College
  • Where I feel most alive – Out in nature, in the mountains, on the beach, in the desert, or in a green park
  • Life’s (current) ambitions – To walk in Central Park NYC in autumn, to finally learn Italian, to run a half marathon

Weekly Inspiration

Every Sunday, I share some tips, things I’ve discovered, motivational words (because Sunday blues seriously suck), and behind the scenes of my creative journey in a “letter”. It’s a place where I’m a little more personal and hope to inspire you for the week ahead.

When you subscribe to Sunday Letters, you’ll receive a free digital goodie bundle including a printable daily planner, social media weekly planner, and 9 of my favourite digital tools for blogging and social media planning. (I’m a huge fan of freebies, too!)