10 Empowering Instagram Accounts To Inspire You

Confession: a month ago I never thought I’d use the words “Instagram” and “inspire you” in the same sentence.
Let alone as a blog topic!

But things have a funny way of changing your perspective sometimes.

I actually had a whole other topic prepared for today. But then I woke up feeling really MEH.

You know that kind of down feeling when it’s been a looooong week and it’s only Tuesday? ALL you want to do is take a “sick” day, get under the covers and binge-watch Netflix in your jammies.

THOSE days.

I felt totally drained and not a whole lot of positive. NOT good. How the heck was I going to write a post? I started panicking. I literally felt like a failure (and it wasn’t even 8am yet!)

So you know what I did?

I thought, to hell with it and poured myself a cup of coffee and climbed BACK into bed. Screw this day.

I figured scribbling in a notebook might help. Jotting down things I’m grateful for, dream plans… that kind of thing. Only, for some crazy reason I started scrolling Instagram.

Aaaaand then things did a seriously sharp 180. 

Scrolling Instagram in bed today actually got me OUT of my negative funk. Talk about irony.

This bloody social media platform I’d sworn off a month ago because I was so fed up with the algorithm and popularity game was inspiring me to blog.

Wait, what?

Quick recap incase you missed it: I tried Instagram from June for my blog. I followed the wrong people for the wrong reasons, and I got confused and posted what everyone else was doing. I posted every day and got so overwhelmed that I decided to take an indefinite break for October. On 1 November, after some well-needed space and major perspective I came BACK – deleted my old account, set up a new one and now I’m trying things a little differently this time round…

Here’s what my Instagram account looks like these days (UPDATE: April 2018)

Imagine You Instagram

And, here’s what’s changed and why I decided to come back to Instagram:

  • I follow genuine people who inspire me and aren’t in it for themselves
  • I have a flexible plan (key word there!)
  • I’m doing my own thing, finally – even if it’s a little different
  • I’m a lot more strategic with what I post
  • I only post every 2-3 days (MUCH better)
  • I DON’T look at that stupid Follow/Unfollow app. Ever, ever again.
  • I’m reminding myself this is supposed to be FUN

So maybe you need a little Insta inspo, too?

Before we head to the good stuff – you might want to streamline your feed a bit (just a suggestion,it WILL help!)


If you’re following a bunch of influencers who love nothing better than to plaster selfie after narcasistic selfie, then yes, you’re probably not going to feel very inspired.

But, if you pick the RIGHT people to follow – those who aren’t in it for themselves, but who are there to inspire, uplift and add value… then you’re going to feel awesome.

At least that’s what I’m finding right now.

I actually LOVE Instagram again.

I love popping over every day to see what my blogging buddies and creative people I admire are up to.

I like leaving comments and it doesn’t feel like a schlep, like it used to.  I do it because I enjoy it. And something else that’s different this time round? I’m getting a bunch of genuine comments on my posts as well, which is AWESOME. Before I used to get tons of stupid spammy comment.

So if you’re feeling ewe about Instagram right now, do a quick sweep of who you follow and if anyone makes you feel bad about yourself or your life, envious, irritated or anything negative, UNFOLLOW THEM. Seriously. Don’t think twice, just do it. You won’t regret it.

With that said, let’s jump to the GOOD stuff!

My 10 favourite inspiring accounts (and actually the 10 that got me out of my funk today).



I chose these ladies/accounts because they have amazing positive messages that don’t come across as fluffy or fake. (That’s one thing I can’t stand… just be REAL). And they genuinely seem to care for their audience; they share things FOR others – NOT to make themselves look good.

They inspire, empower and add value and I think they’re awesome!

Here they are, in particular order:

1.  marieforleo

I first came across Marie TV around May and I’ve been hooked ever since! Marie is an entrepreneur, life coach, TV host, writer – and she can dance! She’s all about creating a life and business you love – and owning who you are. I love her infectious personality and solid, no BS tips about starting a biz and pursuing what you love. Expect videos, inspirational quotes and behind the scenes of her life.

“Be successful, keep your promises to yourself.” – Marie Forleo

2.  melrobbinslive

Ever heard of the 5 Second Rule? I hadn’t either, until I watched a Tedx Talk with Mel Robbins. I swear, I looked at things totally differently from there. Mel is a successful motivational speaker and author who was once a criminal lawyer (which I find so interesting!)  – who’s all about the “YES you can!” way of living. I always get inspired looking at her feed. She tells it like it is and reminds you that you’ve got choices in life.

“People will try to tell you who they are, don’t believe that shit.” – Mel Robbins

3.  iamcarriegreen

Carrie is the founder of the hugely successful Female Entrepreneurs Association and author of international bestseller, She Means Business. I love watching Carrie’s YouTube channel and scrolling her Instagram feed for inspiration. You’ll find videos, tips of the day and behind the scenes.

“You don’t have to feel brave in order to do brave things.” – Carrie Green

4.  dreamsforbreakfast

Rachel Gadiel is an Australian creative entrepreneur and fellow INJF (I was so excited to learn this!) living in San Francisco and making some serious waves. She’s just launched her new website, Dreams for Breakfast, an online hub for creatives and big dreamers. Rachel’s Instagram feed is bright and fresh, but my favourite posts are the Monday checklists!

“Commit to progress, not excuses.” – Rachel Gadiel

5.  thetiffanyhan

When I first got into podcasting around August, Tiffany’s podcast was one of the first I subscribed to. Whenever I feel a bit demotivated, I jump onto one of her episodes. She’s a creativepreneur with a no BS attitude who tells it like it is, while making you feel like you can conquer the world at the same time. I love the handwritten notes on her Instagram feed, thetiffanyhan.

“Overthinking can spoil the magic.” – Tiffany Han

6.  jessicasmithtv

You’ll hear me pump Jessica’s YouTube fitness channel ALL the time because I’m such a fan. She’s my go-to whenever I’ve lost my exercise mojo and her channel offers a wide variety of workouts for any fitness level. Jessica’s all about progress over perfection, doing what you can, and being patient with your health journey. Expect videos, motivational quotes and cuteness overload with Peanut pics (her little pup).

“You don’t make mistakes, mistakes make you.” – Jessica Smith

7.  abigailk_

I’m a sucker for confidence and self esteem tips, so when a friend sent me Abigail’s Instagram account, I was over the moon! Abigail is a confidence crusader who gets real about breaking comfort zones and learning to be more confident, while loving who you are. Expect empowering quotes, intros to some of her clients, and behind the scenes of her biz and life.

“You’re not expected to do it all alone.” – abigailk_

8.  yessupply

Reese is the founder of Yes Supply Collective, an online hub for ambitious and passionate women who are ready to go after what they want and only take yes for an answer. I absolutely love Reese’s story about how she started her biz and she’s always got a ton of really good, valuable info like mini courses and webinars that I’ve found super helpful. Expect a ton of motivation and quotes on her feed.

9.  bossbabe.inc

I only came across this account today while browsing and I followed immediately because the feed is so simple and just full of really empowering quotes and sayings. Boss Babe is a community for ambitious women and I love the “go girl” vibe they’ve got going on there.

Be stubborn with your goals, be flexible with your methods.” – Boss Babe

10.  bossladiesmindset

Another Instagram feed I found today and another really clean, simple layout that’s easy on the eye. Boss Ladies Mindset is all for empowering women; their feed is full of motivational quotes for boss ladies who need a little pick me up and boost to keep going.

“Stop beating yourself up. You are a work in progress – which means you’ll get there a little at a time, not all at once.” – Boss Ladies Mindset

And there you go…

I hope I’ve inspired you to follow a few of these accounts, because they really have helped motivate me on those MEH days – or anytime I need a little extra inspo. I truly admire how far they’ve come, where they started on their entrepreneurial journeys, and just how open some of them are about their behind the scenes.

It makes the rest of us feel like we can do it too.

Feel Inspired To Chase Your Dreams and Embrace a More Positive Mindset

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16 Replies to “10 Empowering Instagram Accounts To Inspire You”

  1. If anything, I don’t post and get on Instagram nearly enough. LOL. But I do like to post now and then. I’ll have to check out the others you’ve listed here. 🙂 All of this is reminding me, however, that each of our social media platforms can be used for different purposes and posting different kinds of content. Thanks for this lovely post, friend! Hope you’ve had a great week!

  2. Hi sweet friend! You have a super long message (book) coming your way this weekend, I promise! It’s been one of *those* weeks :O I’m loving your Instagram pics of you out and about in nature… makes me feel like I’m right there catching some zen 😉 x

  3. You’re welcome Cassandra! Oh yes, def good to have a ton of inspiration that makes you feel GOOD (not crap) about yourself when you’re just starting out. I hope you enjoy following them as much as I do!

  4. Hi Beth, yes – isn’t it? I wish Instagram came with a user’s manual or something, because when I just started out I really lost the plot, followed the wrong people and just felt like a total loser. But then finding accounts like these, just reminds me of what a great space it can actually be when you cut out all the negative and superficial vibes. I hope you enjoy some of those accounts; I love them! 🙂

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