How To Simplify Your Blogging Content Plan

Fess up – how do you feel about your blogging content plan right now?

Is it non existent? Is it all over the show? Does it feel super frustrating?

Because, I swear it’s one of the most annoying things when you KNOW you’ve got cool blog content to share, but it’s like your brain just sits there pretending it’s on holiday or something.

Like, HELLO?

When did this creative joy suddenly all get so hard?

And more to the point…

When did blogging stop feeling like a passion project and more like some dreaded chore?

Listen, let’s get real here: blogging is HARD.
It’s damn hard. This isn’t 5 years ago; this is a totally different digital arena and it can get reeeeally overwhelming.

And I don’t care what anyone else says: blogging IS a full-time job in itself, so serious hats off to you if you’re blogging on the side of a 9–5. You are amazing.

Now, let’s simplify the hard stuff. YAY!


It’s soooo easy to fall into that comparison blogging game, isn’t it? You know, when you find a blogger you really admire and love their style and then all of a sudden you want to change your ENTIRE blog.

Ever felt like this? Gosh, it’s so frustrating!

But it happens, and I guess it’s just something we’ve just got to get into the habit of doing…

Having those daily pep talks with ourselves… (which no one else will ever see or hear!!)
Which, remind us that what we’re doing IS good because we’re actually DOING it.

Our blogging journeys are all unique.

And we’ve got no business comparing or feeling crap about where we’re at right now.

I post about community and collaboration quite a bit on social media because I believe in it so much.
It’s that self doubt voice that tries to steer us away from doing what we love. So don’t listen to it!!!


Last week, I did something I don’t normally do: I took a blogging break.

Because I felt so overwhelmed… and a little lost.

So I took some time to figure things out, and I promise, that week off was HEAVEN for my blogging soul.
When it all feels overwhelming, like you can’t keep up, here’s what I want you to do:

Take a step BACK.

Push the pause button on blogging, immediately.

I know, it’s hard – it was for me too, but you know what I realised in that week of not blogging? It’s not a matter of life or death! Really. I created my own stress. I jumped on that hamster wheel, looked at everyone else, felt like I wasn’t good enough and tried to keep up.

And that’s really not what it’s all about.

Blogging should be FUN. It should light you up and get you excited.

Because you’re sharing your unique message with people who really want to hear from you. And that’s the important thing. Remembering WHO you’re writing for and how you want to help them.

So if you feel stuck or stressed out, take a week off blogging.

Things to do on your blogging break:

  • Unwind
  • Visit a coffee shop without blogging
  • Walk in nature and get centred again
  • Do some creative stuff you’ve forgotten about, like adult colouring books
  • Journal
  • Create a mood board
  • Take an online class for fun
  • Listen to a few podcasts

Just give yourself room to BREATHE.


Come back fresh with a solid blogging content plan.

That’s what I did recently.

I mapped out content for November and December, which I’d never have been able to do if I didn’t have that little break in between.

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that create the biggest change.


Let’s get down to the HOW…


Listen, if the phrase “blogging content plan” freaks you out, relax! It’s really nothing set in stone or some complicated marketing formula you have to follow.

It’s completely up to YOU how you create it.

For me, I just decided the simpler, the better, because I know if I have like a gazillion spreadsheets set up, I’m just not going to use them.

Keep it super simple.

Here are my 3 go-to steps to simplifying a blogging content plan:

STEP #1 – Dig Deep + Map Out Your Big Goals

Woohoo, another excuse to haul out those pretty journals.
Or, if you prefer to whip out a Word doc and get typing, go for it!

The point here is to just get HONEST about WHY you’re blogging.

Why did you start?

Is it to inspire people, to teach other people a skill, to share your life story, or to promote your business?
Maybe it’s just a cool, creative outlet? Or a fun reason to get out, explore more and blog about it?

There are many, many reasons people blog.

You need to zero in on YOUR blogging why. Then map out your blogging goals.

But don’t complicate it by mapping out a strategy for 12 months, because let’s be honest, a LOT can happen in a year. I’d say go with 1–3 months.

Your blogging goals

planning your blog content

WHAT do you want to achieve with your blog?

This could be the same thing as your blogging why.

  • Maybe you just want to write it out and inspire people. If that’s it, GREAT!
  • Maybe you eventually want to start your own business and you’re using blogging as a side platform to gain exposure. Cool.
  • Or, maybe you already have a small biz or services and you want to share what you do with people. Awesome stuff!

Narrow down WHY you’re blogging, WHO you’re blogging for, and what your blogging GOALS are.

STEP #2 – Create Your Blogging Content Plan a Month Ahead

Relax – I don’t mean word for word what each piece of content is going to look like.

You just want a monthly overview that’s going to help you stay on track, without feeling overwhelmed.

So for example, maybe you’ll have a theme for each week.

(This helps so much by the way!)

Maybe you really want to blog 3 x per week, but you know you’re going to feel overwhelmed. I’d love to do this too, but I’ve learned the hard way – over-planning is a recipe for disaster!

Say you plan to blog once a week, that means you’ve got 4-5 posts for the month. You want to think about topics and themes that work with your why and your blogging goals.

For example, if you’re trying to showcase your blog coaching services, there’s no point in blogging about your Aunty Pam’s famous apple pie recipe. Know what I mean?

You’ve got to be strategic about what kind of stuff you want on your blog and why you’re putting it out there.
(Maybe share the recipe on your personal Facebook page or Instagram account instead.)

8 Steps to mapping it out (super simple!)

  1. Spend an hour a month brainstorming a bunch of blog themes + topics
  2. Doodle, write or type them out on one page
  3. (Don’t forget your blogging why and goals!)
  4. Decide on days you want your blog published
  5. Add this to your Google calendar – or whatever calendar you use – insert blog post #1, etc.
  6. Now, narrow down those brainstormed ideas – write out 4-5 blog post topics (you can rework titles later)
  7. Replace the “blog post #1” with one of these blog topics. Repeat for the rest of the weeks.
  8. Finally, jot down social platforms and dates where you want to share your blog. For example, I talk about my latest blog post in my Sunday letters on Sundays, on Monday’s podcast, on Twitter throughout the week, and share on Pinterest, etc. You get the jist. Keep it simple.

blogging content planSTEP #3 – Split it Up Over Two Days

This one is a BIGGIE in terms of productivity.

Creating fresh content is a lot of work! Editing your post, adding in SEO and just making it look visually appealing is a whole other job in itself.

I only started splitting the writing and editing days recently and I swear, it’s been a HUGE game changer for me!
I’ll never go back to blogging and publishing on the same day!

This way, you’re more relaxed and you’ll probably find that you’re more creative just knowing that you get to write your heart out with no limitations (no editing to worry about, YAY!!)

And then, a day or two or three later, come back to your blog and get it looking pretty.

You need to play around with what days work best for you.

I just find that I’m more “awake” earlier in the week to write and Thursdays are great for doing things that don’t require a lot of brain work.



We really do tend to over-complicate blogging sometimes.

And it’s SO easy to do.

Just focus on what works for YOU, quit comparing your blog to others, break it down, try different ways of doing things and get into a weekly routine that doesn’t feel like a schlep.

Blogging is supposed to be FUN!

If you liked this post, share it with a blogger buddy who’s doing an AWESOME job, or a friend who’s been itching to start her own blog and would feel even more encouraged to get going with these tips!

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25 Replies to “How To Simplify Your Blogging Content Plan”

  1. Wow I love this post a lot. It really resonated with me as a blogger. Like you said in the end, it’s only ourselves that is causing the stress! Blogging should always be about passion, and if it starts to dwindle into frustration I think a break is key. I know for sure that I get overwhelmed by blogging because of the endless resources and ideas. Sometimes I have to remind myself why I started blogging when I feel this way. & comparing myself to other bloggers? Gosh it’s so hard, not to but we shouldn’t do it as much as we do because everyone is unique and on a different path.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Nichole //

  2. Thanks Nichole! You’re so right – there’s SOOOOOO much out there in terms of learning new things and wanting to do this and that (and all RIGHT NOW!), it can get really overwhelming. It’s something I’m trying to put into practice everyday… just take it down a notch, chill a bit – don’t try to conquer the world in a week LOL. It is easy to compare, isn’t it? SO EASY. Impossible not to, as much as we try – I really like what you said about not doing it as much. Def working on this one too!

    I just checked out your blog and love it!

  3. You know, friend, you have so many good ideas here. I was just talking about my own changes, and ta da! You outlined them here. And I did kind of take a step back this week: it was unintentional, but you know..I’m feeling more back into things. Going to head to the library in a little while to eke out this week’s blog post and then tomorrow I’ll edit.
    Going to do some brainstorming…
    And that bit about creating your own stress!? Honey, I WROTE the book on creating your own stress. HAHAH. Kidding aside, you hit the nail on the head there: we often create our own stress because of the pressures we put on ourselves. And when I let myself finally relax last evening and watch a second episode of Star Trek re-runs? It was bliss. 🙂 Great read here!

  4. Thank you for sharing this Melanie. Those who are not bloggers do not understand how much work we put into our blogs. I love what we do! I love this post!

  5. I needed this! Ive been trying to get ahead and plan strategically but easier said than done! Def saving this for later!

  6. So many good points! I took a 3 week break from my blog…it was like I needed to evaluate my whole life. I came back into it with so much perspective and my blog views literally doubled from month to month. I panicked like no one would ever look at my content, I would fall behind and instead it was the total opposite. Editing over 2 days…YES! If I do it in one I tend to rush and public tons of spelling errors and just minor mistakes. Very good tips.

  7. Very nice post! Until recently my blog was all over the place. No consistency, I had periods that I was full of ideas and had absolutely no time to write, and periods where my mind was simply dried up and I didn’t have any motivation whatsoever. Now, I am trying to follow these rules with the hope that it will help me, at the very least to be consistent. Ideas like having a calendar planning your posts a month ahead, and stop writing a post and publishing the same day, I found that are the most helpful.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Ioanna | A Beauty Lover’s Stories

  8. This is all good advice for someone like me who is starting to take her blogging seriously. I especially like giving ourselves permission to take a break and breathe.

  9. You’re SO right there! But to be fair… 5 years ago, it was basically a piece of cake. Blogging today = whole different ballgame! I love it too, but mostly, I love the community and ambitious creatives I’m meeting, like you! 🙂 x

  10. LOL!!! You make me laugh – “I WROTE the book on creating your own stress.” We’ve had so many convos about this kind of thing over the years, hey? Just too damn ambitious for our own good! 😉 I swear, this under-planning tip has been helping me so much lately. As much as I want to DO IT ALL right now, I’m forcing myself to take those baby steps. And it’s working! I’m so glad you made time to take a break! It does sound like heaven! I think you’re onto something here… think I’m going to do similar in a few; long day! Catch up soon 🙂 x

  11. Hi Jen! You’re welcome and YAY! I’m so glad you found this post helpful. It’s so weird, years ago, I was led to believe we all HAD to pick ONE niche and stick to it. But so much has changed today… we can switch and tweak and chop and change as we go / grow. But that “why” – that’s the key! Happy blogging 😉

  12. Hi Renee! I love that you took a 3-week blogging break, that must have been bliss! And I get what you mean about feeling like people might not look at your content when you’re back… but you know, I think it gives them a chance to miss it and look forward to it. I think if I’m ever feeling really overwhelmed again, I’ll take a 2-3 week blogging break. That really does sound like such a great idea!

  13. Hey Kerri! I hear you! It’s a CONSTANT work in progress for me, too. I think it’s just about trying different ways of doing things and seeing what works for you. And then if it feels too hard, switch it up or tweak or take a step back and try something else.

  14. Hey Ionna! Thanks for your comment 🙂 I think those two tips – content planning a month in advance and breaking up your blogging + editing days is going to help you SO much. It’s really been a game changer for me and I don’t feel stressed out about blogging anymore, in fact – I look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays every week now lol. Hoping the same for you!

  15. Hi Jessica! I think it’s so easy to feel like we’ve got to be everywhere and on every social platform all the time. It’s exhausting! The blogging breaks and giving ourselves time to *just* breathe is such a biggie. I wish someone had told me this a few months back! Happy blogging 🙂

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