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Imagine You is a blog/community for ambitious and passionate women who want to create success + purpose on their own terms. We’re all about real talk here; dreaming BIG and simplifying the hard stuff so we can actually get out there and make some awesome things happen! 

What You'll Find Here

  • Real talk. I don't sugar coat things and I'm the furthest thing from pretentious, because my personality doesn't handle fake very well.
  • Tips, tools, inspiration and practical advice. So the positive vibes – and the realistic How-To-Actually-Get-Sh*t-Done. No fluffy stuff, promise.
  • Weekly blog posts + podcast episodes (I really pushed myself out of my comfort zone with this one, and I'm still very much a newbie so please don't listen to any of my first few episodes. Okay, listen. Have a giggle. It's all good – I've gotten better. Episodes 19 + 20 are my favourites).
  • Topics on blogging, content creation, positive mindset (especially self care), personal growth and entrepreneur stuff (what I'm learning, past experience, inspiration from other entrepreneurs).

Pssst, Just a Quick Head's Up....

Imagine You is undergoing a mini “face-lift” and will be in full-swing again from the beginning of Feb 2018. 
I’m so excited to share all the goodies I’m busy creating with you! Fresh content, helpful freebies + an easier-to-navigate site for you to find content on all your favourite topics… and be part of the Imagine You Club YAY! 

behind the blog...

Hey! I’m Melanie, a tea + coffee lover, ambitious introvert, content creator + multi-passionate with a mild obsession for notebooks. I created Imagine You to connect with more like-minded dreamers and to inspire women to go for what they want. I’m here to motivate you to get unstuck, embrace a more positive mindset, and pursue your passions. Little more about me in case you’re curious…
Melanie Chisnall
  • Six years ago I quit my job in accounts to pursue a creative career. This was after spending a few evenings blogging after work – and a life changing holiday in the Garden Route. I started with content mills, got a few freelance clients, wrote for an online magazine – and then worked in a few companies as a digital copywriter / content creator.
  • As much as I enjoyed being creative, working in marketing wasn't for me. I felt too "boxed in" and I needed more freedom to create a positive impact, instead of dealing with drama.
  • I'm an INFJ – aka an introvert who wants to change the world and feels aallll the feels.
  • When I'm not working, I'm probably scouting out notebooks and coffee mugs (little obsessed right now), hiking, or binge-watching something on Netflix (so bad, but so good!)

While You're Here...

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