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Imagine You is a blog/community for ambitious and passionate women who want to create success + purpose on their own terms. We’re all about real talk here; dreaming BIG and simplifying the hard stuff so we can actually get out there and make some awesome things happen! 

What You'll Find Here

  • Real talk. I don't sugar coat things and I'm the furthest thing from pretentious, because my personality doesn't handle fake very well.
  • Tips, tools, inspiration and practical advice. So the positive vibes – and the realistic How-To-Actually-Get-Sh*t-Done. No fluffy stuff, promise.
  • Weekly blog posts + podcast episodes (I really pushed myself out of my comfort zone with this one, and I'm still very much a newbie so please don't listen to any of my first few episodes. Okay, listen. Have a giggle. It's all good – I've gotten better. Episodes 19 + 20 are my favourites).
  • Topics on blogging, content creation, positive mindset (especially self care), personal growth and entrepreneur stuff (what I'm learning, past experience, inspiration from other entrepreneurs).

Pssst, Just a Quick Head's Up....

Imagine You is undergoing a mini “face-lift” and will be in full-swing again from the beginning of Feb 2018. 
I’m so excited to share all the goodies I’m busy creating with you! Fresh content, helpful freebies + an easier-to-navigate site for you to find content on all your favourite topics… and be part of the Imagine You Club YAY! 

behind the blog...

Hey! I’m Melanie, a tea + coffee lover, ambitious introvert, content creator + multi-passionate with a mild obsession for notebooks. I created Imagine You to connect with more like-minded dreamers and to inspire women to go for what they want. I’m here to motivate you to get unstuck, embrace a more positive mindset, and pursue your passions. Little more about me in case you’re curious…
Melanie Chisnall
  • Six years ago I quit my job in accounts to pursue a creative career. This was after spending a few evenings blogging after work – and a life changing holiday in the Garden Route. I started with content mills, got a few freelance clients, wrote for an online magazine – and then worked in a few companies as a digital copywriter / content creator.
  • As much as I enjoyed being creative, working in marketing wasn't for me. I felt too "boxed in" and I needed more freedom to create a positive impact, instead of dealing with drama.
  • I'm an INFJ – aka an introvert who wants to change the world and feels aallll the feels.
  • When I'm not working, I'm probably scouting out notebooks and coffee mugs (little obsessed right now), hiking, or binge-watching something on Netflix (so bad, but so good!)

While You're Here...

Catch Up On a Blog Post or Two – With a Good Cuppa, Preferably

creative dreams

When Creative Dreams Don’t Go According To Plan

The thing with messy seasons and struggling to find your purpose in life, is that sometimes it’s really hard to disguise the shit storm that’s happening inside you. I haven’t

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over-ambitious dreams

How To Manage Your Over-Ambitious Dreams as a Wholehearted Creative

Being ambitious and dreaming as a big heart is AWESOME and I wouldn’t change it for the world. But, just like everything else in life, there’s this little thing called

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13 Ways To Stay Motivated and Create Career Opportunities When You’re Looking For a Job

Looking for a job is a whole other job in itself. I know, because I’m right here doing it, too. And it’s hectic! Whether you find yourself out of work due

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Boost Your Mood All The Way To Friday

Let’s be honest… for most of us, once Monday rolls around, we’re either already in such a crappy mood (because two-day weekends are a joke), or we’re feeling super ambitious

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How To Embrace Change And Major Shifts In Your Life… Right Now

Aaaah life. Never a dull moment… Always shaking things up when we least expect (or want) it. WHY? Why can’t things just go the way we want it to? You

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vegan alternatives

7 Vegan Alternatives When Starting Seems Impossible

Can you imagine life without cheese on pizza? I couldn’t either… the last five years have been a breeze as far as being vegetarian goes. But vegan? Gosh, that’s a

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