When Creative Dreams Don’t Go According To Plan

creative dreams

The thing with messy seasons and struggling to find your purpose in life, is that sometimes it’s really hard to disguise the shit storm that’s happening inside you. I haven’t exactly been active with my blog over the past few months… and, it’s hard to explain it simply, but – I just couldn’t. Write. Be creative. All of it. Today, I’ve suddenly got a burst of creative inspiration again, so I’m rolling with it and sharing some behind-the-scenes of what’s been going on my side.

Because, it’s been FAR from pretty. Continue reading “When Creative Dreams Don’t Go According To Plan”

7 Truths To Know About Freelancing Today

You know what I’ve realised over the last two months since I left my job to jump back into the world of freelancing?

It’s a LOT tougher than what I remember!

Three years ago, blogging and social media was a whole different ball game – that’s when I was a full-time freelance writer; before I went back to office life.

And as I sit here in a crowded coffee shop at 08h30 in the morning, typing away on my little notebook, I’m astounded at the number of people sitting here, like me, with their laptops, sipping on their cappuccinos. Continue reading “7 Truths To Know About Freelancing Today”

Boost productivity by setting daily intentions

Have you ever felt super ambitious starting your day with a strong cup of coffee and a mile-long to do list? You’re all ready to check those goals off by 5pm, because you’ve awesome; you’ve GOT this. And then what happens? Lunchtime rolls around and you feel like chucking that stupid little list right out the window. There go all those feel-good vibes and intentions…

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