Are you over-planning your passion project?

Whether you’ve been itching to start that foodie blog, a cool little side hustle, your dream job, or a project that’s going to help others – your passion project is pretty special. And it’s usually really close to your heart. It’s what you find yourself daydreaming about at your 8-5 job, writing up tons of wishlists and journalling about – and rambling on endlessly to your (super patient) nearest and dearest!

Dreaming about your passion project is good. Planning is too – I mean, who doesn’t like writing up a list of goals and checklists? The problem is… those lists? They’re holding you back. Helloooo procrastination. Maybe you think your website isn’t 100% perfect yet. Or your social media accounts look a bit sad. How on earth are you supposed to compete with HER?!

I get it. You feel like everyone’s watching, right?

Like you need to produce this amazing, perfect digital platform. You get so caught up in comparing yourself to others and scribbling goals, but you don’t actually get off the fence. Doubt rears its ugly head and then you either keep procrastinating or you wave goodbye to your dreams – because you never seem to get it just “right”.


Let’s not ignore the obvious: planning IS good. But not when it’s all you’re ever doing – you need to find a good balance. How do you do this? Try setting yourself a “live” or “launch” date when you want your passion project to become a reality. But watch out… Set it too far in advance and you’ll get too comfy. Set it too soon and you’ll get all stressed out. Be realistic – find a good “middle ground week” in the next month or two or three. Then relax, and choose your actual date closer to the time.


I’m a huge culprit of procrastinating and trying to be perfect – and believe me, it’s caused a ton of unnecessary anxiety, stress and feelings of never being good enough over the years. I feel like it’s harder for us creatives, dreamers and introverts because we’re known for overthinking things at times. And if you’re anything like me, maybe you feel like you’re wasting time and that you have to do EVERYTHING right this very minute.

Breathe. No you don’t, seriously.

Even if it feels counter-productive, I’ve learnt from experience and what successful women in business say works for them – FOCUS is the key. Zero in on one thing a day that you can work on. JUST ONE. Maybe it’s an Instagram post that shows a bit more about who you are. Or maybe it’s choosing a nice WordPress theme for your blog. Or it could even be writing your “About” page (don’t try to make it perfect, you can always tweak it later). Whatever it is – make sure that you’re creating something. This way you’ll inch yourself off that fence… little by little.

Action it. And then, try a few of these tricks to help you stay on track:


Instead of ambushing your significant other every day with your “world-changing” dreams and goals, find someone who’s in a similar boat to you. Another wannabe boss babe or creative soul, or someone who can hold you accountable for doing what you plan/say you’re going to do. It doesn’t only motivate you and get you moving, you’ll find yourself looking forward to those daily/weekly check-ins. How cool to inspire and support other like-minded people? Cheering your friends on is always a good idea – and what you put out there, generally has a way of finding its way back to you.


I’ll be honest, it took me a long time to do this and I still battle with it a bit. As a former goody-two-shoes, I always felt like I had to do things perfectly, or not at all. This is so ridiculous, it’s not even funny. Something I realised the other day – people are attracted to authenticity and those imperfections you have, that’s YOU. It’s actually so special… no one else has your little quirks or personality. So embrace it. It’s what sets you apart. And if your website isn’t perfect come launch date… so freaking what?! Everyone’s got to start somewhere. Imagine how great it will be looking back a year from now to see what humble beginnings you started with.


Sometimes we get so caught up in fulfilling our dreams and finding our passions, we forget about what’s really important. What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind one day? How do you want to be remembered? How is your passion project going to help others? When you take a step back and envision the impact your project can have a year or two down the line, it makes things a lot clearer – and a lot easier to focus on making your dream a reality instead of planning till you’re blue in the face.

Do you have a passion project you’re dreaming about or working on right now? I’d love to hear what keeps you moving and motivated so pop a comment below to share and inspire someone else!

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